"Although he is cocky like Maguire Ronaldo, Ronaldo always tries his best and proves his skills"

"Although he is cocky like Maguire Ronaldo, Ronaldo always does his best and proves his skills".

Man Utd invested a lot of money in 2019 to recruit Maguire. Maguire was appointed as captain in Manchester United, which is full of star players, and led his colleagues as a leader. He was so important that he was consistently selected for the England national team led by coach Gareth Southgate.

However, he has been repeatedly falling without wings lately. Maguire joined world-class center back Rafael Baran as a partner, but his anxiety increased. Here, newly appointed manager Eric Ten Hag was pushed back to the third option as he recruited his favorite student Martinez.

In 2019, he transferred from Leicester City to Manchester United with a transfer fee of 87.1 million euros (128.7 billion won) and became the most expensive defender ever. However, Maguire's performance was not the best, but a mediocre player.

He is weighed down by speculation that he might be kicked out of Manchester United this summer. Coach Ten 무료스포츠중계 Hagh is known to be preparing a defensive reform that releases surplus resources like Maguire.

Appearing on Rio Ferdinand's YouTube channel, Nemanja Vidic said, "Maguire's problem isn't just because he's Maguire. If his performance isn't good, other players have to be replaced. "Eric ten Haag also decided that Maguire was the biggest problem after taking the helm of Manchester United. Therefore, he could not be trusted and he could not play anymore."

In particular, the media explained that Maguire had similarities with Cristiano Ronaldo. To be paid the highest salary like Ronaldo.

Ronaldo ranked first with $136 million (182.3 billion won) in the 'top 10 sports players' income rankings for the past year' released on the 3rd by Forbes, an American economic magazine. In addition, the money earned through performance, such as his annual salary, was 46 million dollars, and more info his non-game income, such as advertising, was 90 million dollars.

There are many problems with skills, but it was pointed out that the mental state is also a problem. Goal.com said, "Maguire, who is representing England, has great pride. However, Maguire is not showing the same image as Ronaldo. Ronaldo is full of confidence, but he proved it with his skills. Maguire is not like that. He always trains. Ronaldo and Maguire, who are doing their best in the world, are incomparable.”

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